Take the hassle out of home ownership

HomeKeepers Home Management Service helps homeowners maintain and monitor their homes through scheduled visits and emergency availability. On our regular visits, we’ll do things like changing light bulbs, air filters, and smoke alarm batteries and checking for plumbing leaks, electrical issues, and appliance condition. We can also take care of seasonal chores like cleaning gutters and power washing for pollen. Should an emergency arise, we’ll make ourselves available, using our experience and familiarity with your home to find the proper solution to the problem.

Who can benefit from home management with HomeKeepers?

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of HomeKeepers Home Management, but our services can be especially useful for

  • Homeowners that find household maintenance tasks difficult, dangerous, or bothersome
  • Homeowners whose homes are too large to for them to reasonably maintain and monitor alone
  • Homeowners that live out of town for part(s) of the year and want to ensure that their home is properly maintained and monitored in their absence
  • Children or relatives who want someone looking after their loved one’s home

We work on your schedule

The Home Management process begins with an initial consultation. We’ll discuss you or your loved one’s needs, inspect the home for potential problem areas, and determine our responsibilities during our visits. We’ll also set up a schedule for our visits based on your preferences and your home’s level of need. If we encounter an issue during a visit that needs attention, we’ll get your approval before working on it. When we perform work on the home, we will send you a report, detailing and explaining the work performed and offering recommendations.