Redefining Home Maintenance

Giving your home the care it needs can be a full-time job. But ignoring routine tasks and deferring maintenance can compromise a home’s value and safety. We can help.

HomeKeepers’ Home Management service makes it easy to manage the key aspects upkeep with minimal effort from you. We monitor your home for signs of deterioration and specific areas of risk. We’ll also perform routine, burdensome tasks so you don’t have to.

How It Works

We work with you to design a personalized program to make scheduled visits for designated routine maintenance and home inspections. After each visit, we provide you with a comprehensive report of what we did and if we found anything that needs attention. We’ll discuss how to address any issues with you and make repairs with your approval. Our Home management service also provides on-call emergency availability, so you will have a reliable partner to call on when any problem arises.

Typical maintenance items we can take off your hands include:

  • Changing lightbulbs and air filters
  • Servicing appliances
  • Seasonal maintenance like irrigation control, cleaning gutters, arranging landscape and other yard maintenance services.

Who Can Benefit From Home Management

Any homeowner that wants to be free of the hassle of maintaining their home can benefit from our Home Management service. Our clients that have found Home Management particularly useful include:

  • Part-time residents
  • Owners of historic, large, or complex homes that are difficult to maintain
  • People with busy work or travel schedules
  • Homeowners that need assistance with maintaining their home due to age or health conditions