Your accessibility experts

Whether you are planning ahead or addressing an immediate need, we can help you make the modifications that will best fit your home and serve your needs. Our years of experience enable us to quickly address common problems and implement creative solutions. We also realize the importance of aesthetics and know how to make your modifications fit seamlessly with rest of your home.

Quickly addressing your immediate needs

When an adverse health event occurs, you or your loved one’s ability to continue living safely and comfortably in your home may be impacted. In these situations, it is vital that your home be adapted to you or your loved one’s needs quickly and effectively. HomeKeepers can help in circumstances where time is a factor. Typically, we’ll work with you on an as-needed basis, installing modifications like:
  • Grab bars
  • Ramps
  • Chair lifts
  • Accessible toilets and sinks
  • Rocker switches
  • Lever doors
  • Enhanced lighting
These changes will make your home safe and comfortable for you or your loved one and help to eliminate some of the stress that so often accompanies these kinds of events.

Planning your future

We also do more comprehensive work for clients that want to make their home livable for the long-term. This process usually begins with a consultation. We’ll evaluate your home’s current level of accessibility and develop a multi-faceted long-term plan to enable your continued ability to live in your home in safety and comfort. These changes typically include things like
  • Adding or converting a first floor master bedroom
  • Adapting and renovating bathrooms
  • Exterior grade work
  • Remodeling to open floor space
  • Widening doors and hallways
  • Constructing and installing elevators
  • Outfitting your home with assistive technologies
Plus, with the benefit of planning, we’ll be able to make these changes mesh with the rest of your home’s overall design.